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Singer, songwriter, Max, has been performing his blend of original material for the past 15 years, since the age of 16. Like many a great musician, his love of music is inherited from his father who, during his childhood, played in a band in Western Australia. Max, being exposed to the live music scene since the age of 3 has music in his veins and loves nothing better than performing in front of a live audience.


Almost 7 years ago in 1997, Max had his first EP release 'Seize The Moment' which received national airplay on Triple J. Featured on this album was the catchy, infectious song 'Happy' which, if the appropriate marketing and advertising had been an available option it could well have been a hit single. 'Happy', is still a favourite amongst his loyal legion of fans and Max has performed this on 'am Adelaide', a local morning show. 'Seize The Moment' received fantastic reviews from various prestigious music magazines, a huge accomplishment for the then young, aspiring, 24 year old singer/song writer.

Rip It Up Magazine wrote - 'give the lad heavyweight management and major label support and songs like 'Happy' and 'Worse Off Now' would probably become just as over-played and irritatingly etched on your brain as yer average Oasis number'

Ondit Magazine wrote - 'Who can resist the infectiously cute lyrics of 'Happy'

dB Magazine wrote - 'In a perfect world Max would be another Liam Gallagaher or Damon Albarn'

In late 1997, Max joined a band by the name of 'Kaotic Lounge' who, were successful in winning the Triple M Battle of Rock people's choice award. They played the usual Adelaide haunts, The Exeter, The Austral and what was then known as Madlove.

The Fab Four

In the year 2000, Max joined 'The Beatals', in some states known also as 'The Fab Four', now renowned as one of the world's leading Beatles cover bands. They are regular, honoured, invited guests at the prestigious Beatlefest in Liverpool having performed before the inimitable Liverpool crowd at the world famous Cavern Club each year for the past 3 years. It must be every musician's dream to record in studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios in London, a shrine in the music world.

Max's talents have earned him this accolade on two occasions, firstly in August 2001 when the band recorded one of his original songs 'Is It Over?' as part of a compilation album titled, 'Why Don't We Do It In Abbey Road'. Max has actually now 'done it twice' in Abbey Road, the second time in August 2003 when the band played and recorded a 1 hour live gig on the hallowed ground of studio 2.

Playing the demanding role of John Lennon, Max, always achieves a flawless performance as he emulates this rock legend both vocally and visually. On stage he actually becomes 'John' you may think an impossible task and a huge responsibility, this is constantly, superbly executed, obviously due to many hours of character study over the years.

With The Beatals/Fab Four, Max has had the honour to perform alongside the distinguished Australian Philharmonic Orchestra in such influential venues to include, Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Concert Hall, Burswood Theatre in WA and the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Undoubtedly they were the stars of Australia's first Beatlesfest which opened in Adelaide in June 2004 a great honour and achievement for the band and the City of Adelaide as it welcomed visitors from all over the world.

Original Material

In 2002, Max began writing additional material in preparation for the release of a new and exciting original album. With his creative juices flowing and his mind in overdrive he rapidly accumulated an abundance of Max original material. With the songs beginning to pile up in his head and ultimately on his lounge room floor, he purchased a small home studio in an effort to preserve his artistic inspiration. Setting about the task of putting bass, guitar and vocal tracks to tape he was able to unleash his overabundance of creativity and preserve it until such time it can be produced as an album for all to enjoy.

Now, listening to his latest release, there is an extremely melodic and hypnotic feel to some of the songs, but Max is anxious to maintain his ever changing lust for music without losing the melodic punch. 'To All My Friends' has an alternative sound with big harmonies in the chorus, whilst 'What Yer Doin?' has an infectious guitar riff. 'Come To Me' is very acoustic based with pining lyrics and an almost flamenco guitar solo. 'Beautiful' is a bit more up beat and has the driving guitars and screaming vocals towards the end and 'Accept The Way I Am' has a kooky lead guitar break and a totally vocal middle section. This latest release clearly demonstrates an immensely versatile collection of musical styles, so outstandingly performed by an infinitely talented individual.

In 2003, Max entered Musicoz, as you are aware, this is Australia’s largest music awards competition for unsigned artists. His song ‘Beautiful’ earned him a place in the top 100, just missing out on a top 50 placement, reaching number 51 in the alternative section. A tremendous outstanding achievement for a first time entrant, competing with over 6,000 talented, enthusiastic musicians, all anxious for success and recognition. Let’s hope that he will be ineligible for entry in 2004, as he will no longer meet the criteria of being an unsigned artist. 2003 was a good year for Max, successful in performing much of his original material at Adelaide haunts to a loyal and ever growing fan base. This has continued in 2004, he is playing to packed venues and enthusiastic audiences, all demanding to hear those unique Max originals. Max’s latest venture is that of TV music show host on Adelaide’s weekly community TV programme, Level 31. Interviewing and performing with some of the country’s top musicians, Max is very much at home in front of the TV cameras.

The Future

Any worthy musician can never be satisfied performing compositions created by other artistes. No matter how great the music, or how great the performance a true musician needs to create, write and perform his own material, Max undoubtedly falls into this category. With an intense hunger and passion for music, here’s hoping that 2006 will be the year that the bidding war begins and Max Fredericks and the Australian Music Industry finally come together in the biggest way possible.

Someone out there sign this guy up, when he becomes a household name you will want to be part of it!



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