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New Years Eve Party Tips

Having a New Years Eve Party? Below are a few party ideas the Whats On Darwin team have put together in order to make your party a raging success!

Party Planning

Plan ahead, it's attention to detail that makes the difference. Allow plenty of time to prepare for your party, make a list and shop smart. Things can get hectic and expensive when party time approaches so stay organised so you can enjoy the planning as much as the PARTY!

Party Invitation Ideas

Written invites are a great idea. Try to make them fun and different. Use your personality but don't forget the basics like: Time, Place and Dress Code. Tell your guests when the party starts and when it will end. Specify the location to avoid confusion. Let your guests know what kind of attire is appropriate. If your anticipating a semi formal gathering let them know.


If your guests are expected to bring their own booze, let them know in the invitation. If your serving alcohol don't forget the ice! You can never have too much ice at a party. Use quality ice for the best tasting mixed drinks. Add fresh fruit to your shopping list. Limes, lemons and oranges should be sliced in advance. Consider making two punch bowls; one with booze and one without for your non imbibing guests. Remember, you are responsible for the safety of your guests so do not encourage excessive drinking.


If your party is being held in a non smoking household try to make accommodations for smokers. A room with a fan blowing out is a nice thought. If you do not have a place for smokers let them know in advance that the party is held in a non smoking household.

Guest Books

Providing a guest book can be fun and help make the party memorable. Don't be afraid to put out a guest book and invite your guests to sign in as they arrive.


Create a festive party atmosphere with decorations, scents and music. Use scented candles or simmer a pot of water with cinnamon and citrus fruit to fill the house with a delightful aroma. Choose your favorite music and have it playing softly in the background when guests arrive. Consider unplugging or removing your television if it's located in the party area. Nothing spoils the interaction of guests quicker than a group of people huddled around a television set telling guests to shoosh! Kill your TV! (at least for the party).


Creative lighting will contribute much to the atmosphere. Try replacing some bulbs with coloured lamps or low wattage bulbs. Candles are also great way to create ambience to your party.


Music is an important element of most parties. If pre recorded music is to be used, consider the musical preferences of your guests. Have a variety of music available. Put your depressing music selections away, keep the music upbeat and "mass appeal" for best results. Music helps set mood, so use with discretion.


Try to make provisions for parking in advance. If you will be allowing guests to park on the lawn or in the back yard, let them know in your invitation. Ask your neighbors about parking options or warn them that guests will be parking on the street.


Consider removing all the chairs from the party area. This will create more room for people to mingle and have a dance.


A scented candle in the bathroom is a nice touch. Also, don't forget to leave extra rolls of toilet paper in easy view.

Accidents & Spills

Accidents are part of life. Don't let an accident or spill ruin the party. Have some spot remover on hand just in case. You may want to remove extremely valuable items and / or furnishings. Move that rare Persian rug to a safe place until the party is over.

Coffee & Snacks

You can never have too much food at a party. Be sure to have plenty of hot coffee and snacks on hand for late in the evening.

Party Jokes

If you (or one of your guests) are skilled at joke telling, try some tasteful jokes and invite your guests to participate. This exercise can often "break the ice" and get your guests sharing jokes and humorous stories.

The Law

Sometimes even the quietest of parties will precipitate a visit from the local law enforcement agency. If the police arrive be courteous. They may have been called to your party by an irate or concerned neighbor (who may not have been invited!). Try to answer the concerns of the police officer outside your front door. Stay calm and respond to reasonable requests ("keep the noise down, move vehicles that may be blocking the roadway, etc.") If you are intoxicated, don't attempt to negotiate with the police, send your spouse or trusted friend to the door, an intoxicated host gives the police a valid reason for concern (and possibly further action). Lesson #1 never get out of control, especially at your own party!

Party Time

Now that the work is done, relax! Let your guests enjoy themselves. With the proper ingredients in place, everyone should have a great time. With good food, good cheer and good friends you can't miss! Party hearty and have fun. Make room for guests who have had too much to eat or drink. Don't let a guest who over drinks drive, it could save a life and it could save YOU from a lawsuit. As the host, you are responsible for the safety of your guests.

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