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Roy Mackonkey

In 1997, four young Darwin musicians gave life to the band known to us as Roy Mackonkey. Within a year they headlined the Top End's Australian Music Day concert and gained national radio airplay after recording an EP 'The Quality of Meat' with then Triple J producer Chris Thompson.

Roy has shared the bill with a vast array of bands including, The Henry Rollins Band, Grinspoon, Dissociatives, The Superjesus, Magic Dirt, The Cruel Sea, Jebediah, You am I, The Living End, Painters and Dockers, Even, 28 Days, Mark Seymour, Motor Ace, Mental As Anything, The Screaming Jets, Slim Dusty.

Winners of the National Campus Bands Competition Territory finals and 4th place in the National Finals.

Jim Beam National Campus Bands Competition Review

The Northern Territory boys win my 'band most likely to get flogged on Triple J' award and I mean that in every good way possible. I kept thinking 'WWF meets rock and roll.' For the record, Roy Mackonkey is frickin' cool… Keep an ear to your radio dial - if there is any justice in this world, Roy Mackonkey songs will be blaring out of your car radio.




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